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Coker Creek Attractions Hike Coker Creek Falls Trail   Five of volunteers worked on clearing that trail on Wednesday, 26 October, 2011. They worked two chain saw crews; each starting from one end of that trail and worked to the middle.   In all, they picked off limbs and branches and sawed off a dozen good sized trees, 1-2 foot diameter, that had fallen across the trail. One large blow down was too much for our saws and expertise. That one is over 3 foot in diameter and lays suspended by a root ball next to the trail and branches way down hill. The Forest Service needs to send in a work crew with proper equipment to remove it safely.   They did remove a smaller tree next to it which shared the root ball and rebuilt the trail path under it so hikers can knee walk or limbo under it until then.   That tree is approximately 1 mile in from the bottom of the trail (the walking bridge end). The crew going in from the upper parking lot cleared brush and small blow downs off the FS road from Duckett Ridge Rd. to that parking lot and picked up any trash there.   Other than that one tree across the trail, that Trail is now again in excellent condition. In all they each worked 3 hours and spent 2 hours in travel/shuttle time for a total of 25 volunteer hours. Working were: Ron Powers, Ron Eshman, Rick Pease, Tom Felton, Marc Bernatti
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Coker Creek Falls
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