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Coker Creek Heritage Named for our crystal clear and cold stream, Coker Creek artisan community is completely surrounded by the Cherokee National Forest in a beautiful and serene corner of Southeast Tennessee. The community is protected by Tellico Mountain on the north, Farner Mountain on the south, Unicoi Mountain on the east, and Cataska Mountain on the west. There are homes and businesses, 11 grave yards, 9 churches, and many hiking trails and artisan shops. Coker Creek is ideally located, lying high in the southern Appalachian mountains within just 2 miles of the North Carolina Line. Many claim that this region is the finest area for trout fishing east of the Rocky Mountains. The beautiful mountains are laced with rhododendron, laurel, ferns and the many species of trees native to this area. Gold was discovered here long before the California 49ers headed west. The Coker Creek Heritage Group is a non-profit corporation dedicated to community service and the preservation of Coker Creek’s rich heritage and history. By partnering with similar community-based organizations, tourism groups, and individuals, we continue to make Coker Creek a better place to live, work, and visit. We hope this web site helps you learn more about Coker Creek and encourages you to visit our wonderful artisan and outdoor community. If you have any questions not answered here, just check out our contact page and drop us a line! Join or Renew your membership to the Coker Creek Heritage Group.
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